Referee Appointment Process

For Team Secretaries/Managers

I appoint all referees to as many games as possible. Obviously we don’t have enough to cover all of the games.
There are currently 23 referees on the the panel, but all are not available every week.
On Monday prior to the game the appointments are done and come out to you via Full-Time.

The teams that take priority are U16, U15, U14 and U13. Some morning games will also get a referee as they are the only ones the referees can do.
If a referee is appointed he/she takes priority over any referee you may have.
Please ensure confirmation is done by Thursday, prior to the game, and inquire as to how the referee would like the fee and expense to be paid.. If this is not done a fine will be incurred.
Please ensure your kick-off times are correct as it causes extra work if they are not. That means by Monday evening latest.
All referees have received covid-19 guidance information from County and it is important that all teams teams also comply.
I wish everyone a successful and enjoyable season.
Any problems relating to referees, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve them for you.