Bournemouth Youth Football League

Preparing WGS for New Season

The registration of players for the new season will hopefully be much easier as clubs have the bulk of player records in the system. There are a few tips to get the process off to a smooth start.

Firstly as the season ends clubs should look to detach players. The important thing to do is only do so if you know that the player is leaving. Ensure you select the

Firstly do not try and detach players from the current season

Select the?new season (e.g 2018/19)? in the filter box then select the player with the checkbox and use the detach button. Do not detach players you may think will renew.

You will need to issue players membership forms and check that the forms include a consent statement for the use of personal data.

Can clubs please be reminded that with the changes to GDPR they are not to use their own or the clubs email addresses for players if the player does not have an email address they must leave it blank on the system.

Take care to reduce the potential for duplicate FAN numbers by making sure that members are aware that if they registered last season they will already have a FAN number. Some players create there own FAN number hence the potential to get duplicate records

You then need to assign players to their new Age group teams. In theory, WGS should automatically suggest the correct age group for the new season if you select season the new season date filter.

If you have already validated id?for the player then you can submit for registration from June 12th onwards

Players joining your club from another club will require an ID check by you. Search for the player by name and FAN or DOB and attach to the club then assign team and validate the id before submitting to the league. Note if the club they are leaving has not detached the player then ask them to do so.

Registering Club Players in Whole Game System Version 1-2





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