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FA Whole Game System Release Notes

Please find below release notes following upgrades made to the WGS system impacting clubs and leagues.

The changes were made on 4th February between 07:00 and 08:00. No Reported Downtime by clubs to BYFL

League Management

  • Ability for Leagues to manage Divisions, Development Groups and Cups, including:
  • Create new divisions, development groups and cups
  • Add teams to divisions, development groups and cups, including teams outside of the League.
  • Edit divisions, development groups and cups
  • Remove teams from divisions, development groups and cups
  • Creation of a new tab called ?League Structure? and new section in ?Teams? tab in which
  • to do the above

CRC and Safeguarding

  • Improvements to the CRC process in WGS:
  • Improved instructions on pages
  • Ability for an individual to withdraw their application (prior to submission)
  • Improvements to ?clear down? of applications
  • Improved integration with GB Group

For clubs with players aged U18 or below, validation is performed on the roles of Club Secretary, Club Chairman, Club Treasurer or Club Welfare Officer to ensure they have an in date Committee
Safeguarding Workshop.

Change to how qualifications are identified to ensure that Safeguarding Committee Members
dates are correctly updated.


Player Registration:

  • Change to wording in error message displayed when no phone number added to a player record.
  • Change of wording in player search field to ‘First and Surname / FAN? and to include two asterisks to indicate mandatory fields.
  • Change to wording to make it clearer if, when adding an existing player to a Club, a player has a suspension.
  • Player Registration Requirements tab – Change to wording location of ‘PHOTO UPLOAD ON OR AFTER’ to match other fields; Added ‘LAST ID CHECK ON OR AFTER’ to ID date Field.
  • Player Registration: Player Registration Requirements tab – Change to wording location of ‘PHOTO UPLOAD ON OR AFTER’ to match other fields; Added ‘LAST ID CHECK ON OR AFTER’ to ID date field.

Changes to Grounds tab:

User can now see when the page is ?auto-saved?.

o Changed position of ?Need Help? button to be consistent across WGS

o Change of name/icon on delete button.

o Added description pop up when hover over the ?+? button

o Added description to both search boxes to give users better information
o Added description of grounds table
o Add ?Close? button to ?Add New Ground? pop up

  • Club Dashboard: Removal of button ?Manage Discipline Preferences?
    • Safeguarding Tab: Change to wording of ?Export to PDF?
    • Club Invoices: ?Outstanding Invoices? table is moved to be the first table shown.
    • My Clubs and Teams: Change to layout of table
    • League Statement: download button has been moved from the League Secretary dashboard to the League Statement tab
  • Matches tab:
    • Change to ?Create? and ?Cancel? match button
  • Discipline Tab:
    • Key added next to table (replacing cards icon)
    • Text added when hover over numbers in table, to indicate to user that more info is available
  • Equality & Diversity Tab:
    • ?How To? guide link have been removed, as no guides were available.
    • Date that this form re-opens has been changed from 1st March to 1st June.
  • Technical: Code update for Matchday

BUG Fixes

Player Registration:

  • Fix to scrolling function in ?Assign to teams? pop up.
  • Removal of ?No Club? option in filter on Player Reg tabs
  • Fix to data to allow a specific club to view all pages on player registration view.
  • Fix to League Registration filter


  • Player Registrations (League): Fix to the ?Any Club? option in filter on Player Reg tab.

Safeguarding :

  • Fix to validation that checks that Club Committee Members have completed an online safeguarding workshop.
  • Fix for some Counties not able to always access Safeguarding tab


  • On field Discipline Report not generating properly if only one red card added.


  • Fix to show league cup matches in New Match Details page

League Officials:

  • Fix to Team Count in League Officials Dashboard

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