Bournemouth Youth Football League

Configuring SMS Result Reminders in Full-time

Club Administrators in season 2017-18 will need to setup their contacts for result reminders again due to changes made to roles and permissions in WGS by the FA.

To receive reminders the user will first need an appropriate role setup in Whole Game System (WGS) Manager, Coach or team secretary should all be sufficient.
The user will need a mobile number configured in WGS. This can no longer be done in Full-time and must be done using the Safeguarding menu in WGS if you are configuring club officials. Note that if you are trying to configure your own account details you may get a message “You cannot edit this person, as they are accessing their own account” you will need to use your profile menu. top right of screen instead to update your mobile and email contact details

Make sure the mobile number does not contain any spaces as this will likely not sync correctly with Full-time.

The club can assign up to two SMS contacts in Full-time per team. Login as the club admin role and then select the menu labelled? SMS. Select Team and then you will see your teams listed.

Select Add New and you will see the eligible users which can be selected. Note if you want to change a user just select Add against one of the users already assigned to the team.

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