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Clarification of Player Transfer Process in WGS

Clarification on Transfers in WGS
Please refer to FA Rule C2(a) and page 26 rule 18 (H) with regards to transfers.
If you wish to transfer a player to your club it is important to process the transfer in the correct manner in WGS.
note: in the first season on WGS some clubs were asking the sending club to detach players. This is not correct and will not result in a successful transfer.
1) First search for the player in the player registration screen (prior to this you may wish to email the club for the FAN/DOB as part of a formal approach. If the player approaches you then ask for FAN or name and date of birth then search for the player
2) Check you have the record belonging to the sending club.
3) Confirm you have consent
4) If the sending club has waived the notice then select this option otherwise send and notice of approach.
5) Once accepted send the monies and forms to Jenny Linford.
6) Mike will see the record is pending transfer if you have completed steps 1 to 4. Once Jenny confirms monies are received he will approve the transfer. Do not use the player unless you see that this process has been completed against the player status and that he/she is registered with your club and team.
Do not detach players during this process they are registered with the league until the end of the transfer window so will be subject to the full transfer process and fee.
Do not add a duplicate record to get around the transfer this will result in a lengthy delay and disappointment for the child who will be prevented from playing until resolved
transfer options only appear for player transferring?within the same age group. the league rules require a transfer to take place if you are transferring between teams of the same age and transferring to another?club in an older age group. Whilst the system will not prompt for this please ensure you complete the payment and seek the approvals from the other club
Note rule C2 of the FA rules with regards to what constitutes a valid approach. note the handbook is now based on a three-day approach.

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