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Finals information

All cup finals cancelled due to COVID-19 safety measures.

League cup rounds
Cowdry’s Challenge CupĀ Round One Results
Bournemouth Sports42Grange Athletic
Bransgore Youth19Poole Town FC Wessex
Kings Park Dynamo41Burton Youth
Ringwood Town YouthAWPoole Town Youth
Christchurch Youth FC12Lymington FC Sprites Youth
Greenfields Youth43West Moors Youth
Quarter Finals Results
Brockenhurst Youth15Moordown and Southbourne
Greenfields Youth56Poole Town Youth FC
Kings Park Dynamo13Bournemouth Sports Youth FC
Lymington Sprites YouthAWPoole Town FC Wessex
Semi Finals Results
Bournemouth Sports Youth05Poole Town FC Wessex
Poole Town Youth FC03Moordown and Southbourne

Alan Paull Trophy 

Round One Results

Burton YouthAWPoole Town Youth FC
Corfe Mullen United15Poole Town FC Wessex
Moordown & Southbourne Youth Magpies03Bournemouth Sports Youth Colts
Sway JuniorsAWBransgore Youth

Round Two Results

Bournemouth Youth Poppies07Bournemouth Sports Youth FC Colts
Bransgore Youth71Parley Sports
Christchurch Youth (BYFL)1  (3-2 Pen)1Bournemouth Sports Youth Lions
Muscliff Dynamos Youth15New Milton Town Robins
Poole Town Youth FC82Hordle Spurs
Redhill Rangers Youth110Twynham Rangers Youth
Ringwood Town Youth U15 Colts31Merley Cobham Sports Youth
Wimborne and Holt Youth83Poole Town FC Wessex

Quarter Finals Results

Poole Town Youth2 (4-5 Pen)2Bournemouth Sports Youth Colts
Bransgore Youth43New Milton Town Robins
Wimborne & Holt Youth100Christchurch Youth FC
Redhill Rangers80Ringwood Town Youth FC

Semi Finals Results

Redhill Rangers14Bransgore Youth
Wimborne & Holt Youth100Bournemouth Sports Youth Colts
McCarthy and Stone Challenge Cup

Round One Results
Bournemouth Albion Youth180Bransgore Youth
Bournemouth Electric110Parley Youth
Greenfields Youth U14 Tornadoes51Brockenhurst Youth
Poole Town FC Wessex53Bournemouth Youth Poppies
Round Two Results
Bournemouth Electric Youth70Ringwood Town Youth U14 Hornets
Bournemouth Sports Youth17Boscombe Albion Youth
Burton Youth43Highcliffe Hawks Youth
Corfe Mullen United Juniors25Moordown & Southbourne Youth Athleti
Greenfields Youth U14 Hurricanes18Christchurch Youth (BYFL)
Merley Cobham Sports Youth BL31Poole Town FC Wessex
Redhill Rangers Youth012Milford on Sea Youth
Ringwood Town Youth Raiders72Greenfields Youth U14 Tornadoes
Quarter Final Results
Merley Cobham Youth FC51Burton Youth
Boscombe Albion Youth60Chirstchurch Youth
Ringwood Town Youth Raiders1(5-4pen)1Milford on Sea
Bournemouth Electric Youth01Moordown and Southbourne Youth
Semi Final Results
Merley Cobham Sports21Ringwood Town Youth Raiders
Moordown & Southbourne Youth Athletic14Boscombe Albion
Kris Roberjot Challenge Cup

Round One Results
Boscombe Albion Youth04Bournemouth Sports Youth Colts
Bournemouth Sports Youth Lions81Highcliffe Hawks Youth Blue
Poole Town FC Wessex Rovers41Lymington Town FC Sprites Youth Whit
Poole Town FC Wessex31Poole Town Youth
Sway Juniors Youth18Kings Park Dynamos Youth
West Moors Youth212Redhill Rangers Youth
Wimborne and Holt Youth81Bournemouth Youth Poppies
Bransgore Youth03Hordle Spurs Youth
Greenfields Youth43Burton Youth
Milford on Sea Youth15Ringwood Town Youth
Round Two Results
Bournemouth Electric Youth63Ringwood Town Youth
Bournemouth Sports Youth Lions19Wimborne and Holt Youth
Corfe Mullen United Juniors16Bournemouth Sports Youth Colts
Greenfields YouthAWHighcliffe Hawks Youth Red
Hordle Spurs Youth31Wimborne and Holt Youth United
Kings Park Dynamos Youth2 (3-2 Pen)2Verwood Town Youth
Poole Town FC WessexAARedhill Rangers Youth
Poole Town FC Wessex RoversHWLymington Town FC Sprites Youth Red
Quarter Final Results
Poole Town FC WessexAWWimborne & Holt Youth FC
Bournemouth Sports Youth Colts45Poole Town FC Wessex Rovers
Hordle Spurs Youth08Highcliffe Hawks Youth Red
Kings Park Dynamos Youth118Bournemouth Electric Youth
Semi Final Results
Highcliffe Hawks Youth Red61Poole Town FC Wessex Rovers
Wimborne & Holt Youth32Bournemouth Electric Youth

Child Trophies Challenge Cup

Round One Results
Bransgore Youth02Bournemouth Sports Youth
Burton Youth16Greenfields Youth Tigers
Christchurch Youth (BYFL)020Milford on Sea Youth
Greenfields Youth Lions09Poole Town Youth Dolphins
Lymington Town FC Sprites Youth013Bournemouth Youth Poppies
Poole Town Youth Sharks03Highcliffe Hawks Youth
Ringwood Town Youth Meteors23West Moors Youth
Highcliffe Hawks Youth Fire21Bournemouth Electric Youth
Kings Park Dynamos Youth53Corfe Mullen United Juniors Bournemo
Redhill Rangers Youth40Verwood Town Youth
Round Two Results
Bournemouth Sports Youth11West Moors Youth
Bournemouth Youth Poppies DragonsPPMoordown & Southbourne Youth
Greenfields Youth Tigers410Highcliffe Hawks Youth
Highcliffe Hawks Youth Fire05Ringwood Town Youth Diamonds
Kings Park Dynamos YouthPPBoscombe Albion Youth
Parley Youth210-Poole Town Youth Dolphins
Poole Town FC Wessex14Milford on Sea Youth
Redhill Rangers Youth011Bournemouth Youth Poppies
Quarter Final Results
Bournemouth Sports Youth110Kings Park Dynamos Youth
Highcliffe Hawks Youth30Ringwood Town Youth
Moordown and Southbourne52Poole Town Youth Dolphins
Bournemouth Youth Poppies21Milford on Sea
Semi Final Results
Bournemouth Sports Youth26Moordown & Southbourne Youth
Bournemouth Youth Poppies20Highcliffe Hawks Youth

Derrick Porter Challenge Cup

Quarter Final Fixtures took place between following teams

Highcliffe Hawkes YouthXXPoole Town FC Wessex
Ringwood Town Youth FireXXCorfe Mullen United JuniorsGreefields Youth SharksXXWimborne and HoltGrange Athletic YouthXXBransgore Youth
Semi Final Fixtures took place between following teams
Bransgore YouthXXWimborne and Holt Youth
Poole Town FC WessexXXRingwood Town Youth Fire